How we got here.

Throughout its history, Centralia has continuously evolved. We are proud of our city’s past accomplishments and the way we have managed our resources, maintained our sense of community and pride during a very difficult economic climate. The most recent industry changes and weather disasters have had a serious ripple effect on the local economy resulting in shortfalls for the city. These financial downturns have taken a heavy toll on the quality of life in our community. The lack of income to the city and all other institutions has created situations where what we are providing to education and facilities infrastructure is less than necessary to maintain a vibrant city. It is certainly far less than we need.

Together for a better future.

The Centralia Community Foundation was formed in June 2016 to enhance the lives of citizens of Centralia. We are an organization made of optimistic and diversified leaders who are tightly united by our unwavering devotion to the future of Centralia. We will provide dedicated leadership and a commitment to create change. Our goal is to build a sustainable donor base supporting our community needs for many generations to come. We know philanthropic investment is the fastest way to create change, so we will direct investments and accelerate opportunities in a way that will bring unimaginable possibilities to our community.

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