How we got here.

Throughout its history, Centralia has continuously evolved. We are proud of our city’s past accomplishments and the way we have managed our resources and maintained our sense of community and pride during a very difficult economic climate. The most recent industry changes, weather disasters followed by COVID-19 impact have had a serious ripple effect on the local economy resulting in shortfalls for the city. These financial downturns have taken a heavy toll on the small businesses, the school district funding, career opportunities, and the overall quality of life in our community. The lack of tax revenue to the city has created situations where what is provided to the schools and the community is less than necessary to maintain a vibrant city.

Together for a better future.

The Centralia Community Foundation was founded in June 2016 and started investing in our community in January 2018. Our mission from the start is providing dedicated leadership, fundraising, and a commitment to creating positive change in Centralia and the region. We will partner with donors, granting agencies, and private industry to support educational enhancements and career pathways that will improve the quality of life for all of our citizens and provide future opportunities for our children.