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Mickey Dreher“The vision that the Centralia Community Foundation shared with us is that by supporting and improving the educational system, the entire community will be able to realize the benefits of this investment. This approach has worked elsewhere and the board is excited to be part of such an important community-driven journey.”

Mickey Dreher
TransAlta Centralia Coal Transition Grants
Economic & Development Board

Lori Schmitt

“We are truly pleased to be able to help transform public education for Centralia students through our grant. ”

Lori Schmitt
US Corp. Secretary & Gov’t Advisor
TransAlta USA, Inc

For more information on the Centralia Coal Transition Funding Boards
visit: http://cctgrants.com

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The Title Guaranty Company of Lewis County

“As a business manager serving Lewis County, I am amazed by the support this community really gives to help when asked. We believe it is so important to help the Centralia Community Foundation with the great things they can do for our community. They are creating real partnerships with the Centralia School District, business leadership, philanthropists, and the community. We are all going to benefit from enhancements to education so we want to get involved in supporting the leadership, vision, and dedication of this organization.  If we all get involved we can make great things happen in Centralia.

Meri Hamre, Manager
Title Guaranty Company 
of Lewis County

Security State Bank

“As the local community bank, it was an easy decision for the Board of Directors at Security State Bank to get behind the efforts of the Centralia Community Foundation.  The Foundation’s top priority of improving the quality of education for our students will ultimately strengthen the future of our community.  We encourage other businesses and individuals to join us in supporting the C.C.F. by getting involved and/or providing financial support.”

Dwayne Aberle, President & CEO
Security State Bank

Tin Men Supply

“Tin Men Supply supports the “think globally, act locally” philosophy. We believe you shouldn’t have to be well off to get the education everyone deserves. We believe you shouldn’t have to live in a major city to have access to infrastructure and equipment. And we recognize education is the cornerstone to our community.

The Centralia Community Foundation mobilizes our resources to give tools and opportunities to the impassioned and curious youth in our local school districts. We see CCF eliminating social exclusion to foster a place of growth, starting with our youngest community members. We are proud to support our community, and we are faithful in CCF’s ability to use our donation in endeavors that assist our families, our neighbors, and our region.”

Janelle Rich, Owner/Office Manager
Tin Men Supply

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“The Centralia Community Foundation received a fantastic start from TransAlta Centralia Coal Transition Funding to jumpstart an initiative that promises to reshape the course of education in the Hub City. They, like the Chehalis Foundation, are going to tackle everything that our taxes cannot support, so this is why we want everyone to know about them. Now is the time to contribute to the effort of creating better outcomes for students in the Centralia School District. Support the Centralia Community Foundation by getting involved or making a contribution. The more people who join in and support the Centralia Community Foundation, the greater the final destination will be.”