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Centralia Community Foundation is proud to recognize a new and valued partner.

We welcome our partnership with Timberland Regional Library (TRL). Sharing many of the same goals, we both want to promote students’ success by supporting Pre-K and K-12 students as a priority. Our recent collaboration has expanded our resources, making connections that further community awareness and benefits our students and job seekers in Centralia and throughout our region.

“TRL is all about connecting to our communities, where we welcome everyone to a vibrant world of possibilities;
connect people, places, and ideas; and evolve to meet the needs of our communities. We value access for all,
working together, diverse communities and ideas; and responsible use of public resources.”
Cheryl Heywood – Executive Director

Did you know?

The Centralia Timberland Library is just one of 29 regional locations that offers a wide range of resources, free to the public, that bolsters education and increases career skills.

TRL plays an integral role in workforce development with many partners across the region.

They provide the following for our students, learners, and job seekers:

  • Online learning courses in valuable skill enhancement and job readiness
  • Access to computer labs
  • Workshops
  • Job fairs hosted in partnership with WorkSource

Our libraries have thousands of books, magazines, and newspapers all in print, digital and microfilm, as well as videos you can stream and download. However, there is a wealth of other resources and programs that has evolved and expanded greatly. This includes expanded hours at the Lewis County TRL locations in Salkum and Packwood.

As of 2021 there are over 36,000 people in the city of Centralia. In 2021, TRL recorded that 19,003 of our citizens have active library cards. Cards which allow access to robust library resources. Students can explore a vast catalog of courses with certificates that enhance their employability. TRL shares our vision of seeing our young people thrive. To access these resources, it is as simple as getting your library card.

Don’t have a card yet? Get a Card

If you haven’t enjoyed a trip to the library recently, you should go and enjoy!

Please check out the links below to see some of the wonderful resources:

Early childhood development & student support: Pre-K & Early Childhood Development

Workforce services & resources: Careers, Employment, Small Business

Community Events: Centralia Library Events

Online Learning: Learning Library

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