Together for a Better Future

Our mission statement.

Formed in June 2016, our mission is to provide dedicated leadership, fundraising and a commitment to create positive change in Centralia. We will partner with donors to support education and civic enhancements that will improve the quality of life for all of our citizens.

Funding application.

The Centralia Community Foundation has raised nearly $2.2 million in grants and donations to date. While most of our funds are earmarked for specific uses, we do have a general operating fund for other projects in the city that align with our mission. If your request is of the scale that it requires a separate fundraising campaign, we will review it. We will determine if we have the bandwidth amongst our board to launch a campaign and manage the funds throughout the time period of funding that is specific to your request. Please apply by filling out the form below, printing it, and mailing to our address. Our board reviews all requests at our monthly meetings.

Please download the PDF from the funding form link below. Applications may then be printed out to submit. Please include additional pages and/or materials as needed to complete your application. It is not possible to complete and submit applications online.


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