Schools of Excellence Initiative

Where we’ve been:

  • Conducted a needs assessment in the Centralia School District and established baseline metrics with the administration.
  • Hired the BERC GROUP to conduct hundreds of professional development sessions in Powerful Teaching & Learning for Centralia School District teachers. The outcome provided teachers new ways to react and teach by observing select classrooms in other districts.
  • Purchased 275 Chromebooks and Naviance career and college readiness software which helps students explore career opportunities and teachers and counselors guide students in creating a plan for high school, and college or career training.
  • Created a set of key performance indicators to track student progress and outcomes.
  • Provided funding for a college counselor at Centralia College. This person is exclusively dedicated to assisting Centralia students as they enter the college system. This counselor also helps with financial aid, scheduling, and assisting kids with successful integration into academic or career training programs at CC, as well as being fluent in Spanish.
  • CCF funds a college and career counselor for both Centralia High School (funded through 2021) and Centralia Middle School: These two are very important to our mission and are doing amazing work in assisting students with college plans, career training, and college awareness, meeting with students and parents with helpful class planning and information for college or career preparedness. We are interested in making sure that information about opportunities that exist in our state are known to all students.
  • Established the Career & College Readiness Committee made up of representatives from Centralia College and Centralia High School along with key community leaders to focus on student transition to college or trades training and other opportunities.
  • Sponsored several summer college orientation and transition programs at Centralia College for all students in the region who want to attend.

Moving Forward: If we can predict it, we can prevent it.

Because of the COVID-19 in person restrictions, we have been pivoting and redefining the scope of work planned since March 2020. We are waiting for further information from the School District to determine our best way to provide support, while still supporting Career and College Counselors.

COVID-19 remote learning has highlighted greater “Opportunity Gaps” among certain student populations. Specifically, we acknowledge the challenge for those living in diverse high-poverty conditions, those with language barriers, those with little access to technology, and those with inadequate at-home learning environments.

Those challenges undoubtedly have created a progress gap in Centralia students. Centralia can quickly adapt and provide more relevant needs-driven assistance to students through the active leadership and oversight of CCF to support educational programs.

The gap between high and low achieving students has increased, rather than closed, in the return to in-person school. CCF and local educational institutions acknowledge that increase as a result of declined re-enrollment.

Responding to school and student needs over the next year will be critical.

We are better equipped to support the most vulnerable if we can work together in supporting the school district with their Needs Assessments. The Needs Assessment goal is to provide actionable data to CCF for funding-based decisions related to Centralia School District, our continued fundraising, and aligned identification of additional grant opportunities.