Letter from Daniel L. Rich

Dear Centralia Voters,

Please vote yes to support the school levy.

I received more than just the normal curriculum from our Centralia School District.  Now, I wasn’t a model student growing up (well maybe a model, but in a different way than I should have been). But there were four important times that moved me forward and here is what I remember (I’m not going to mention names):

  1. My fifth-grade teacher told me that he was proud of me for something I did. Dale Hess impacted my life that day.
  2. When I was in tenth grade, my sixth grade teacher said that he thought when I left his class I might become a mass murderer (remember the model thing?) but he (his name rhymes with Dale Branch) told me he was proud of who I was becoming.
  3. In my 11th grade business class, my teacher Mr. Drake simply said out of the blue, “you’re doing great”.
  4. My last example changed my life for good.  It was when I didn’t get the manifest destiny lesson and at the end of class I asked Mrs. Newton to explain what it was and how it relates to life…she helped me realize what the lesson had to teach me!

Today, I hope that you will join me and vote YES for Centralia schools and help manifest the destiny of our students. There is no better way to change a family’s life than to give them the best education. That’s why with your support, we can better our community.


Daniel L. Rich

President, Centralia Community Foundation