Letter from Vicki Pogorelc

Dear Centralia Voters,

Over three years ago, I joined the Centralia Community Foundation board as one of the founding members. I believed we needed an organization like the Chehalis Foundation here in Centralia. I am excited about what we can all achieve together when focused on a common vision. I believe, as all our board members believe, that enhancing education is the fastest path to better economic conditions in Centralia.

Over half of our board members are small business owners, and the other half work actively in education or supporting job creation in our area. We all understand the value of quality education and what it means for our community in the long term. We came together to enhance education and create a positive change for everyone in Centralia.

The ripple effect of supporting our school district is tremendous. When schools are supported, we will have a well-educated and well-trained work force. Companies will want to move here because of that. And we know that by supporting K-12 education we are a desirable place for families to live.

The ripple effect continues with local business growth. That means increased housing development, more restaurants, more stores, more services…all of which equals more jobs.

I have served on the Board of the Centralia College Foundation also for 18 years. I am extremely aware of the fact that students that are provided the opportunities our K-12 school levy supports, have an Opened Door, that they increase their odds of going into post-secondary education. In today’s world, college or career training is essential to a good paying career. And it’s the best path to a lifetime of increased earning potential.

We need to vote yes. Not only for the kids, but for the health our community. Better education does mean a better community.

I hope that you will join me and vote YES for Centralia schools.


Vicki Pogorelc
Centralia Community Foundation Board Member