Priority 1

Education is at the heart of change for a better community.

Therefore, education will be at the top of our agenda. Through opportunities in education we can enhance the outcomes for the 75% of our impoverished students who wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to go on to college or become prepared for a rewarding career. We are working with the Centralia School District, Centralia College, Advisors and Mentors, and together we will create a highly ranked educational system.

Today’s job opportunities in Washington State are requiring a college degree or specialized training certifications. In order for our kids to have the kind of meaningful employment they will want, it is necessary for us to invest in preparing them for post-secondary education and/or career training.

The desire and energy exist within our citizens, our teachers and our administrators. Through philanthropic investment we can help where our taxes and bonds are not enough. Supporting education will benefit the whole community because highly ranked schools will attract people and businesses to move here. This combination provides a quality of life that everyone can enjoy.