Supporting Schools Is Essential


This month Centralia voters will cast their ballots to support Centralia Schools. This levy is critical to providing our district with the funds they need to educate our kids. We encourage you to vote YES to ensure every child can get a quality education.

The current school budget will cover the basics of public education. The upcoming levy covers the budget gap that the State does not fund. The levy will pay for additional staff, activities, and programs that we need and want, to help our kids succeed. For example; after school clubs and activities, competitive sports, music and performing arts, more counselors and facilitators, technology enhancements, increased Special Education services, advanced offerings for students who excel, and so much more.

The Centralia Community Foundation does not cover any of the costs listed above with our investments in education. We continue to raise funds for special equipment and opportunities, summer programs, college counselors, college and career support between K-12 and Centralia College, and other career training programs. We know that a supported school district will attract businesses and families to live here. We know that education is the fastest way to opportunities for our children and is essential for creating a healthy and vibrant community.

Let’s make sure young people in Centralia get the education they deserve. Vote YES for the Centralia Schools Levy and make sure to return your ballot by Tuesday, April 27th.

For more details about the levy, visit Centralia School District’s levy page.

Help us support our schools: