Vote Yes For Education

Now More Than Ever

Our kids urgently need us to pass the upcoming levy on April 27th. In fact, our entire community needs the Centralia Schools levy to pass. Your ballot will be arriving within days, so please Vote Yes and share information with your family and friends so they can also help it pass.

A successful school levy is more than just progress for our kids. There are great benefits that flow from investing in education. A supported school district with quality education is crucial for attracting new industries and job opportunities to our community.

The Centralia Community Foundation supports the Centralia schools levy for the following reasons:

  • With local levy support we can do more than state mandated very basic education, bussing, and special education. As Covid-19 restrictions lift, we can empower our schools by having counselors and tutoring for struggling students and do our best to give every kid a chance to excel.
  • With levy funds we will see a return of activities and clubs that get kids interacting and socially involved in school. For example, the introduction to dozens of competitive sports programs, after school clubs such as gaming and esports, theatre group, and knowledge bowl.
  • The levy will help with advancing and updating Centralia School District’s in-classroom computers and technology. Learning digital life skills is essential for most future careers and not having these updates puts our kids behind. At-home schooling this past year has created an even greater falling barrier for kids not digitally capable or supported. We need to do more for hybrid learning and prepare our classrooms accordingly. This is the current learning reality for our kids.
  • A successful levy will help us with enhancing Special Ed classes, and providing advanced curriculum that add accredited “College in the Classroom” classes at no cost to student families. These classes make college cheaper for students who take them because they gain needed college credits for free while in high school. It is well known that these AP (or advanced placement) classes also better prepare students to be successful in college.
  • Our new District Superintendent, Dr. Lisa Grant, has already made significant changes in creating a community accessible school district. She has set up the Citizen’s Advisory Committee and Budget Task Force, which is providing transparency and open community collaboration. She is doing what she had pledged to do when she started last year. She knows there is more work to be done. We at Centralia Community Foundation see that progress is being made and that the Centralia School District is becoming accountable for fixing problems.

Please click here to learn more about your Centralia Schools Levy.

Better education does mean a better community. We hope you will join us and VOTE YES.

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