Letter to Centralia Supporters from Past and Present BOD and Advisors

This message is important. Thanks for reading to the end.

Dear Centralia Supporters,

Our past and present board members and advisors are all focused on a common vision; a better future for Centralia. In looking at our names below, you’ll find that you probably know several of us. We are local small business owners, or we work actively in education, or we are supporting job creation by volunteering on various civic boards and committees. We understand that it takes participating in our community to create the Centralia we all desire. We came together four years ago and formed this foundation to enhance education and create a positive change for everyone in Centralia. The value of quality education and the long-term positive impact on our community is the primary reason the foundation exists.

We want you to know how important it is that we pass the Centralia Schools Levy on April 27th. The levy will provide more than the State’s mandated basic education. In fact, it will give our students more opportunities to succeed than they have today. The levy will enhance technology in our classrooms and for our students, increase competitive sports programs, allow for more student clubs and activities, bring back performing arts and music, fund more counselors and facilitators, offer advanced classes for our students who excel, and much more.

The levy is not only offering programs that help our kids succeed in the future, it is essential for building a healthy and vibrant community. There are numerous studies proving that supported schools attract companies and make our community a desirable place for families to live. The ripple effect of this support continues with local business growth. That means increased housing, more restaurants, more stores, more services…all of which equals more jobs. Therefore, better education does mean a better community.

Centralia Community Foundation has been providing oversight of the investments we have made in education over the past three years. We have seen the district make positive changes and are encouraged by the progress. As trusted stewards of the nearly $2 million dollars invested in Centralia School District (CSD), we know that the CSD yearly budget is not what it needs to be to provide a quality education that competes with neighboring school districts. The CSD budget process is now overseen by a community advisory board and is openly transparent. We are supporting Centralia Schools and want these opportunities for our students.

We are all asking you to please join us and VOTE YES with your ballot before April 27th. Our kids deserve this, and the health of our community and our local economy depends on it.